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  • SIU provides more than 200 different academic programs and specializations for students.
  • We have many opportunities for undergraduate students to get involved in research, which is generally rare, giving students the chance to explore their interests while gaining useful hands-on experience.
  • The Study Abroad office works with students to help them find a program that fits their needs and satisfies credit requirements in their major.
  • The Honors Program, one of our fastest-growing programs on campus, provides smaller, specialized classes, giving high-achieving students a taste of the private college experience.

Hi, my name's Franchesca Alejo. And I'm an aviation management major student. And I am from Joliet, Illinois.

At SIU, if you want to major in a variety of different things you have that opportunity here. I think we're unique in that. You'll meet people that are doing a lot of different things.

We have forestry here. So you'll actually see people walking around looking at trees and studying the trees. And then you also meet somebody who's wanting to be a farmer, as well as studying aviation or studying any number of things, communication. So there's a lot of different opportunities. There's over 200 specializations at a site.

Hi, I'm Ali Campbell. And I'm majoring in computer engineering. And I'm from Clarksville, Tennessee.

A lot of undergraduate students get the opportunity to be involved in research, which is pretty rare a lot of graduate students usually do that. But here at SIU, we really encourage students to get involved with research. You can get some hands-on experience, learn if the majors for you and even, apply that for internships or jobs later.

If you're a student here at SIU, you can pretty much study abroad anywhere you want. Our study abroad office is excellent. You just go in there, tell them what your dreams are, where you want to go, what you're studying, and they can set up a whole plan for you to study abroad. And you can get those classes to transfer back here to SIU.

We have a great honors program. It's one of our fastest growing programs on campus. And it's really good for students get involved with the honors program, because you can meet people, be friends right away. You can even live in our honors living learning community, which is a whole residence hall for honors students.

And if you're part of that program, you can take honors classes, which are capped at 15 students. So it's really fun, discussion-based classes, where you're not necessarily taking exams all the time, but you just get to learn from a professor that has a passion in a certain area. So overall, it's just a really great program to meet people that are like-minded and just a lot of fun ways to get involved on campus through our honors program.



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