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  • More than 300 registered student organizations (RSOs) – with a wide range from major-specific groups to just about everything else you can imagine.
  • Student involvement and leadership through student organizations and groups provide opportunities for growth you don’t always get in the classroom.
  • The Rec Center features tracks, weight rooms, cardio machines, an Olympic-sized pool, basketball and racquetball courts, a rock climbing wall, and more.
  • A wide variety of intramural sports leagues and sports clubs let you play competitively and make new friends all over campus.
  • The Communications Building features student-run performances, from acting to behind the scenes work, showcasing the talents of your friends and fellow students.
  • Athletics are a large part of campus life, including the tailgating before football games.

On campus we have over 400 registered student organizations or RSOs. And they can range from anything in your major to outside of it. So if you want to be more specific, you can. But also with that too, we have so many clubs for us to get involved in.

You really just to form really good bonds with people that have similar interests, but then you also get opportunities for leadership. Like I've been president of a couple of different organizations on campus. And you kind of just grow substantially more than if you're not involved with clubs, because you understand management, and people skills, and working with others. And you see people from all over the country and even, the world. And you get to work with those people in clubs, which is really fun.

So it's actually it's really nice that we have free weights, ellipticals, machines, but then we also now like Zumba courses. We do have a Olympic size swimming pool, then we also we have like a six court and basketball court too that they can run out for different activities and such.

We even have a rock climbing wall and club. And so that's a really big thing around here too, because we have really beautiful area around here a shiny National Forest.

More on the theatrical side of things or communications building does a very good job of having student ran performances, all the way from the directors all the way down to like the back ground crew behind the scenes, which is really great too. Because those friends that you make, you actually get to see what they love and their passion desire is on the big screen.

Athletics are a big thing on campus. And people love going to tailgate and hang out their friends and then go to the football game or basketball game. I love basketball.

So I'm really excited. Season's about to start. And it's just going to be a really good time to go to friends and hang out. It's just a lot of fun.


Student Activities

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