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Focus on Success

  • SIU helps its students succeed academically by providing a wide range of services and resources.
  • The Writing Center can help you to develop your writing skills and become a better writer, both in person or online.
  • The Center for Learning Support Services provides tutors and academic coaches, as well as group study sessions and test preparation.
  • SIU, though a mid-sized school, offers an extraordinarily large number of programs, and provides a diverse range of support services to help its students succeed.
  • To help students who may be struggling, Saluki Cares – a referral care and support program – reaches out to students to provide assistance and connect them with the right resources to fully enjoy their SIU experience.

That's how you really help students succeed, academically, with the variety of resources that it has available. It has the writing center, which can help you with any kind of course that you're taking. It can help you generate a bibliography, or have someone look over your essay. Additionally, with tutoring services available on campus, for student athletes there's free tutoring available from them, whereas there's also a center for tutoring. So, regardless of what your status is as a student there are many resources available and people willing to help you. In general, just with what SIU has to offer, it's a mid-sized school, but it has very many academic programs and a large diversity of services available to you. It's hard not to succeed at SIU.

With the transition for students, especially traditional students, as well as our returning students, we have a program that I work with called Saluki Cares. It's a care and support program designed to assist students. So let's say they're having a difficult time adjusting, being a first time away from home and being at the University, or they're having difficulty with roommates, or they're just kind of stressed out dealing with some personal situations. We're a referral program, that we can basically get that information and send it out to the appropriate resources, and have the individuals on campus or throughout campus that can assist them in those specific areas reach out to the student help them.

Focus on Success

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