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  • Student opportunities for work and research provide hands-on, real-world experience within students’ interests.
  • Greek life allows students to build relationships with other students with similar backgrounds or interests, with a strong focus on community service and academics.
  • intramural sports like basketball, flag football, soccer, and softball lets you get out and enjoy the lovely southern Illinois climate and nature.
  • The Student Multicultural Resource Center helps all students feel welcome and included on our diverse campus.


SIU provides really awesome student opportunities as far as jobs are concerned. I work in a marketing office where I do all of their video and photo work, which is exactly what my major calls for. And it's real life experience, so it's been really awesome as far as being able to try different things and finding out what I really enjoy and what I'm most comfortable with.

Greek life on campus is amazing. It allows you to build relationships with students that have similar backgrounds, similar interests. We do focus on of course, community service, academics, and it also provides an amazing networking opportunity.

You get involved too, of course, with intramural sports. We have basketball that goes on in December and January, a time when it's pretty cold outside. But also, we have softball. We have flag football, we have soccer. And so there's many times for you to get outside and enjoy the natural beauty of Southern Illinois with our intramural teams.

We do understand our students are coming from various locations. And we want them to feel like they are welcomed. And so the multicultural resource center does provide that for students. We do put on different events so our students can come out and then be involved on campus as well. It's an amazing environment.

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