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Hello, I am Dr. Phil Anton. I'm an associate professor of exercise physiology in the Department of Kinesiology here at SIU. And I am also the head Saluki Spirit liaison for the University. Saluki Spirit Effort is a project that was started to try to highlight, as much as possible, the positive events, positive accomplishments, that are occurring on campus, as well as in the community in an effort to try to increase the synergy that exists between SIU and the Southern Illinois region, in order to try to make SIU a positive force of encouragement of celebration of trying to bring up a positive light to everything that is really, really good and really, really cool that's going on this campus and in the community on a regular basis.

As soon as I came to campus, I was looking for ways to get people involved in stuff, a way to get myself involved. That was something that was really big for me in high school, throughout my high school career. So I was in charge of student section and getting people pumped up for stuff like that.

Homecoming is awesome. It's one of my favorite events for the fall, especially. You see people that went to their first home coming together here at SIU, and now they're here 40, 50 years later doing the exact same thing. And then in our other corner, you have the current students, and you just see everybody making like the same memories, just the way the school puts it on and brings everybody together alumni and city.

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