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Carbondale Where We Play

  • A proud Bicycle Friendly Community, according to The League of American Bicyclists – we have bike lanes throughout the city as well as always growing bike paths.
  • So close to so many outdoor activities – Green Earth hiking and outdoor recreation areas right in the city, Shawnee National Forest, several state parks and six recreational lakes.
  • An eclectic city full of opportunities for seekers of creativity, from theater to music to the visual arts.
  • Designated a Tree City USA Community by the Arbor Day Foundation.
  • Free wifi throughout downtown Carbondale.
  • Several vibrant shopping districts including downtown with locally owned shops and restaurants, the University Mall area with widely known department stores and the Murdale area with local shops, restaurants, and specialty grocery stores.

[music playing]

[birds chirping]

There's a place where lives are meant to be lived,

[birds chirping]

sunrises are meant to be seen. Where time stands still and turns ordinary moments into memories that last forever.

[music playing]

(singing) Open up your arms and feel the sunlight on your skin, cross your fingers it won't leave you. That this feeling never ends. Never looking in the rear view, we're never out of time, with the sunshine in your hair and your lover in your eyes. Beyond the stars up in the night sky.

It's hard to describe to those who have not experienced it. The city, full of energy and wonder, ready to be explored with all the excitement of the big city and a warm welcome of the rural Midwest.

(singing) We were running through the waves and you asked me for a sign. Said my love is like an ocean and it sounded like--

Surrounded by tens of thousands of acres of diverse, natural beauty, from a National Forest to a state park, rivers and lakes.

(singing) Beyond the stars up in the night sky.

It's home to wineries, golf courses, gathering places for any occasion.

[horse neighs]

Imagine comfort and nature going so hand in hand. It's a destination unlike any other, where you can do anything or, by doing nothing, you can experience so much. It's a place so real, so close you can reach out and touch it. Feel the warm sun on your skin, the cool morning dew beneath your feet. There are no words for these feelings or these experiences. The nights filled with quiet moments or the days with endless smiles.

How do you describe the indescribable? Only Carbondale.

[wind billowing]

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Carbondale Where We Play