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  • We know that being a student who isn’t coming straight from high school changes your needs. Our Non-traditional Student Services department has a wealth of information for students like you, including academic support, financial resources and housing information.
  • Access affordable childcare at Rainbow’s End.
  • Get academic support through the Math Lab and Writing Center.
  • Attend family-friendly social events and films presented by the Student Programming Council. Or become immersed in the culture at the International Festival celebrating our community’s diversity.
  • Local parks and recreation areas located close to campus provide a great way to get away and relax.

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There are many reasons why someone wants to come to SIU. The university understands the needs of individuals can be different from those of traditional students. So many of us have much more to focus on than just our classes. We are lucky enough to have administrators who work to ensure that all students have the resources that they need inside and outside of the classroom. You know, resources like Rainbow's End, a child development center that provides affordable child care for students and faculty here at SIU.

They offer full-time care Monday through Friday. And they are located right here on SIU's campus. Some of our students are used to having the support system and need a little boost when they get here. We also have the math lab a writing center to assist you with polishing your skills. There are many resources to assist you with academic success. But that's not all SIU gives you.

They also give you way more than enough chances to be social. Dogs night out brings together all types of students for games and free food. You could always be up to date on the latest box office hit. Because Student Programming Council brings on to you most weekends right here on SIU's campus. The International Festival brings together cultures from all over the world, from the parade of flags to the talent show. It is a great experience and a huge amount of diversity.

Oh, and I cannot forget the International Food Festival. This is a huge highlight each year. And there is always lines of people waiting to get in. You could try foods from all over the world prepared by students just like you. And if you want to have a family outing with pets, or you just want to relax for the weekend, you can spend some time at one of your local parks. Turley Park is located close to campus and offers a great setting to study, play, or just take your mind off things.

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